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maple-leafWelcome to Canadian Tree Tours!

Canadian Tree Tours was founded in February 2011 as a way to raise awareness of the importance of trees and tree stewardship in urban environments. We also hope to promote healthy lifestyles and a lifelong enjoyment of green spaces.

Whether you walk, roll, bike, blade, or ski…beech tree

…this site offers free, self-guided tree tours of parks and city scapes in major Canadian centers (currently our tree tour focuses on Toronto Island, but we will be adding more tours shortly). Your tree tour will help you learn more about trees, plus provide a fun and inspiring reason for you to get outdoors and enjoy your city, in all seasons.

Tree Tours are all located on easily accessible public transit routes. Distance and approximate tour duration times (on foot) are also provided.


1. Choose your tour (currently Toronto Island, but more tours to come shortly)

amur maple2. Download tour from maps page to your smartphone, ipad, handheld GPS, or simply print out a paper copy of the tour map and take it with you

3. Directions are provided to the start of your tour (by car, by public transit).

4. Let your tour begin! Tree identification tips and interesting facts, global positioning details, and permanent tree markers will help you find trees along the tour.

Canadian Tree Tours are accessible year-round to everyone, are FREE entertainment in a city near you, and are a useful educational tool for arborists, school groups, tourists, cyclists, hikers or families out for a Sunday stroll.





Note: Canadian Tree Tours accepts no responsibility for your safety and assumes no liability whatsoever. Take any Tree Tour on this site at your own risk (and please remember NEVER to wait out a thunderstorm under a sheltering tree).



Toronto Island Tree
Tour Map

Toronto Island Tree Tour

More information about the trees on the Toronto Island Tree Tour here.

Download a printable map of Toronto Island Tree Tour here.






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