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Canadian Tree Tours - Test Your Tree Smarts

Take the online tree tutorial and then follow up with this online quiz.
Test your tree smarts

Tall ship
  1. Which tree was commonly used for sailboats masts during Christopher Columbus' time because it was tall, strong and straight?

  2. paper birch
    white pine
    white cedar
    flowering dogwood

  3. Which trees make the best maple syrup?

  4. silver maple
    red maple
    Japanese maple
    sugar maple

  5. What are the benefits that humans get from trees?

  6. oxygen
    air conditioning
    a source of fule for heating
    all of the above

  7. What are some other benefits?

  8. protection from the sun and skin cancer
    protection from soil erosion and landslides
    habitat and food for animals
    all of the above

  9. How much water does a mature maple tree drink each day?

  10. 1 bathtub full
    6 bathtubs full
    50 bathtubs full
    100 bathtubs full

  11. One large tree in a single day can produce the amount of oxygen required by how many people?

  12. 1 person
    4 people
    50 people
    100 people

  13. What percentage of homes are made from wood?

  14. 5%

  15. What is the average life span of a downtown urban tree?

  16. 8 years
    20 years
    50 years
    100 years

  17. What local native tree sustained Jacques Cartier and his crew and saved them from scurvy?

  18. service berry
    crack willow

  19. Which tree's bark contains the active ingredient in aspirin, salicylic acid?

  20. red oak

  21. Which tree is so strong and dense that it was used for underground pipes in London's sewage system?

  22. sumac
    silver birch
    all of the above

  23. Which conifer loses its needles in the winter?

  24. jack pine
    black spruce
    balsam fir